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Every construction project carries its own distinct characteristics, encompassing not only its design and functionality but also the intricate orchestration of various team members essential to its successful execution. While certain project owners seek professional assistance in managing contractors and suppliers to ensure timely and budget-conscious completion, others prefer a comprehensive service that encompasses design, construction, and furnishing with minimal oversight on their part.

At Property Doctors, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to align with each client's specific requirements and aspirations. Anchored in a commitment to superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, we bring to the table a wealth of expertise, skills, and experience to transform our clients' vision into tangible reality. Whether it's guiding you through the intricacies of project management or delivering an end-to-end solution, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results.



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Our comprehensive project management service spans from pre-construction to post-construction, encompassing crucial tasks such as feasibility studies, value engineering, permit expediting, vendor selections, project management, and warranty services. Throughout the project cycle, our experienced team provides invaluable assistance to owners, guiding them towards informed decisions that are pivotal for successful project planning and execution.

Incorporating owner-centric design principles, our Design-Build service is particularly effective for fast-track projects. By understanding and prioritizing the owner's requirements, we craft a design that aligns seamlessly with their vision. Collaborating closely with our skilled architects and interior designers, clients are actively involved in shaping every detail of the project, from layout to finishes, fixtures, furniture, and accessories selection.

Our Design-Build service is very effective for fast-track projects. We design the project keeping the owner’s needs in mind and build it in accordance with the approved design and requirements. Our pool of talented architects and interior designers will work closely with our clients to design the project and interior details and help select all finishes, fixtures, furniture, and accessories that is needed.




Property Doctors offers a holistic approach by providing in-house architect, design-build, and general contracting services. For clients opting solely for General Contracting, we seamlessly integrate into ongoing projects once the design phase is completed. Operating with a relentless focus on delivering value, we oversee the bidding process and project execution diligently, aiming to minimize change orders and uphold the highest standards of time, value, and quality. Our commitment to performance-driven relationships underscores our dedication to achieving excellence in every project we undertake.

Property Doctors can design, build, completely furnish and deliver a project. We plan the project execution from start to finish, while suppling the necessary resources to build the project in accordance with the owner’s requirements. This arrangement streamlines the entire process and maximizes overall quality. Our proven project management experience along with the technologies we use, and our pool of reliable vendors allow us to build efficiently, while staying within budget and meeting or exceeding the required quality. For busy clients with little time to spend on their projects, our superior turnkey service will spoil them for anything less.

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